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Reasons to Choose CA Pendrive Classes Over Traditional Classes in 2023

pendrive classes vs traditional classes


The Pandemic COVID-19 has impacted our lives in various different ways. One of the major changes that this Pandemic has brought in our lives is the change of educational platforms. Students, teachers and parents have seen drastic changes in the medium of education, which has started leaning more towards online classes. In such cases, CA Pendrive classes are a great relief for the working professionals or students who have prior commitments and find it challenging to strike a balance between work and studies. Along with online classes for many other courses, CA Pendrive classes have also witnessed a certain level of popularity. From the remaining pieces of a breaking education system, the world has seen a rise of online education which came in as a ray of hope for many students as well as organizations! Scroll further and get an idea about CA Pendrive classes and understand the importance of online classes. 

What do you mean by CA Pendrive Classes?

CA Pendrive classes basically mean portable coaching classes. Take these classes to any place, any time and study at the comfort of your place. These are pre-recorded encrypted classes, played by the students on smartphones or laptops whenever they are ready to devote all of their concentration.  CA Pendrive classes assist CA aspirants to go through the whole chartered accountant course module by investing bare minimum amount of money and time. These classes are great assets to the students and do not compromise on the quality of their education. 

Traditional Classes Vs Online Classes

The online education market has witnessed outstanding growth in recent years. Statistically speaking, this market was worth $247 million in 2016 and was expected to grow to $1.96 billion by 2021. The target market for online education platforms is those students or professionals who have a lower income but higher aspirations. CA Pendrive classes are the most preferred medium of education in this era for CA students and there is no second thoughts to that. Pointers listed below shall prove this point with more clarity.

  • Easy Access

 Even with an increase in demand for CA Pendrive classes, many students might have second thoughts in getting a subscription to such classes. It is quite normal to have doubts regarding availability or accessibility of these pendrive classes. To answer this question, anyone with internet connection and minimum knowledge of the online world can easily study from these online classes. The process is entirely seamless and the outcomes are highly productive. 


  • Flexible Study Hours

In the list of advantages of online classes, the very first point has to be the vast amount of flexibility that comes along with it. If you are a student who prefers to study at night, or take breaks in between study hours and if you are a slow learner who needs more time to grasp certain concepts, then Pendrive classes are your way to success! There is no time limit, no watch limit and you can even pause these online classes whenever you want, which is impossible in the case of offline classes. 


  • Study at the Comfort of Your Place

When it comes to providing the best possible education with spending less money and not having to move from one place to another to attend lectures, CA pendrive classes step in for such provisions. These classes are beneficial to every student who aspires to retain more knowledge within a constricted area and not spend on commuting expenses.

Disadvantages of Traditional Way of Learning

  • Compulsion on class timings and attendance
  • Difficult for slow learners to grasp concepts in the classroom itself
  • Time wasted on commuting and travelling within the campus
  • Missed lectures is equal to loss of information
  • Tough for students from far off place to attend the classes in person
  •  Less or almost no flexibility in study hours
  • Not a good medium for introverted students who find it difficult to ask doubts in the class


The benefit list of CA Pendrive classes is never ending. In this multitasking age, where everyone keeps looking for easier ways to be productive and achieve greater heights of success, these online classes are most preferred because of the various mentioned benefits and many more. All you need is a device to play these classes on and a proper platform. Vihaan Education understands the emergence of online education after the pandemic and thus provides such CA Pendrive online classes to be your helping hand in time of need. 


  1. What are the benefits of attending CA Pendrive classes?

Ans- Students can take up multiple courses at a time and study from anywhere while attending classes. The CA Pendrive classes are also beneficial for working professionals looking for cost effective ways of receiving education. 

  1. How are CA Pendrive classes more important than traditional offline classes?

Ans- Pendrive classes allow students to study at their own pace and save time & energy. In today’s fast track world, it is highly essential that students opt for more effective ways to receive education.  

  1. What are the disadvantages of offline classes?

Ans- The disadvantages of offline classes include unnecessary expenditure of time and money, student’s worry about maintaining attendance, less flexible study hours, etc.

  1. Why is Vihaan Education the best for CA Pendrive classes?

Ans- Vihaan Education is equipped with passionate educators who are optimally skilled with experience of providing education in any mode, be it offline or online. They understand the various modalities of teaching and thus it is the best platform for students and working professionals to retain maximum outcome from limited resources.